One of the best ways to grow money is to invest, but most people do not understand the concept of investing. They usually get confused and scared that they will lose their hard earned money. Some of the best investors in the world used simple techniques and methods to invest their cash and have been making a lot over the years.
The following are some of the most successful investors in the World:

Bill Ackman

Philip Fisher:

Fisher was known as the Father of Growth Investments and he often took the approach of buying and holding. He uses his contacts to learn as much as he can about a company and then validates his moves. He believed in knowing only about some corporations but was keen on understanding them deeply. Fisher wrote many books on investment strategies like the Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits, Conservative investors sleep well, Paths to wealth through common stocks, etc. Some of the key points we learn from Fisher is to invest in companies which have the potential to grow, study about the company and invest for a long term.

Warren Buffet:

Warren Buffets name always appears in many top lists. His name is one of the most popular names in Finance. He has been one of the most successful investors in history. Buffet is said to have a frugal lifestyle, and this practice transcends into his business practices. He believed in two rules, the first one is not to lose money and the second one is never to forget rule number one.

Peter Lynch:

Lynch is popularly known to manage the Fidelity Magellan fund whose asset s grew from 20 million dollars to 14 billion dollars. He believes in suiting the nature of the asset and changing according to the assets. Lynch would only invest in stocks which he fully understood, and was aware of the market and its volatility. He believed in gaining knowledge and was never afraid to change things that always had an explanation for the purchases he made.

Bill Ackman:

Ackman is an activist investor, and he is never afraid to voice out his opinions. He is famous for his bet against Herbalife, and he also predicted the recession that happened in the year 2008 and had a track record for turning 50 million dollars into 12 billion dollars. He believes in investing in solid companies, and then he guides them to make a profit.

John Tempelton:

Tempelton believes in buying low and selling high. He is known for taking risks and followed this strategy thought his career. He often picked stocks which were rejected by other brokers and turned small investments into a lot of money. Tempelton was a great networker, and he used his contacts to gain information and data about the company he was investing. He also wrote a book named 21 Steps to Personal Finance and Real Happiness which was about how he lived his life.